Who is Max?


Max is a happy, loving and warm hotelier who devotes himself to serve friends and guests with his best attitude and service

Through Max’s love for the Hotel industry, he creates an establishment that spotlight on the 3 main pillars that is
Max’s Soul; Happiness, Warmth and Love.

MaxOneHotels.com is design to provide a stylish yet value-oriented accommodation in all city centers, with particular attention to the needs of professionals on the move.
Bedroom are sold on basis of the earlier you book,
the less you pay. Peak season cost more than less
popular season.

MaxOneHotels.com is not built by concrete alone but
human emotions, value, characteristic, personality that
shows the difference.

Our Meaning

MaxOneHotels.com stands for value to the MAX,
number ONE in service.

Our Soul

Happiness, Warmth and Love so strong it transcends
cultural barriers.

Our Philosophy

We love our customers as we love ourselves.

Our People

At the heart of it all is good people. Genuine 100% stars whose mission is simply to bring you the best stay possible.

Our Positioning

The Best Value Hotel, Designed with Feeling.

The Perfect 10, reasons to stay with MaxOneHotels.com
  1.  Strategically located close to major shopping,
      sightseeing and business destinations.
      Inside each hotel, you’ll find a Cafe and food &
      beverage outlets within walking distance.
  2. Lifestyle features includes art in the lobby and
      in each room featuring art works that represent
     “OUR SOUL”.
  3. No single type of pillow is perfect for everyone. 
      That's why we give you a selection of 2 Soft and
      2 Firm pillows on every bed. So choose your favorite,
      crawl into bed and pull up the covers. Sleep is going
      to feel especially good tonight.

4. A good day tomorrow starts with a good night's
      sleep tonight. So, every room has a comfortable
      customize bed with top mattress (Royal Suite 5* Bed)
      that makes falling asleep easier than ever before.
  5. There is no shortage of words to describe our power rain
      shower heads. They provide constant, strong and steady
      water pressure so you never have to worry about getting
      stuck with a tiny trickle of water that just doesn't get
      the job done.
  6. Want 2 B Green and save mother earth?
      At MaxOneHotels.com, all rooms uses water closet
      low tank w/Dual flush tank trim  (4½ / 3 Liters),
      Eco washer.
  7. All of our room comes with a window. We prioritize 
      your comfort and safety.
  8. Free High speed internet access is a requirement for 
      any business trip. So you will be happy to know that 
      it is available. Just hang in the room or lobby café and 
      flip open your laptop, connect to the wifi internet and 
      you are ready to work.
  9. At MaxOneHotels.com, we provide convenience by
      charging a flat rate and not having the pay-as-you-use
      system of add-ons for air-conditioning, laundered towels
      & etc.
10. 24 hrs security. Our hotels use electronic key card access 
      into rooms, CCTV cameras throughout the hotel, round-
      the-clock on-duty security guards and no access to 
      use the elevators without a keycard.